Fitness Instructor

I was first inspired through fitness by my mom who lost over 100 pounds and ended up opening her own circuit gym where I worked as a teenager. After having my son, I experienced some health issues and chronic pain. After a couple years of really struggling, I decided to take back control of my life. When I found MFA, I’d reached my breaking point and these fitness classes turned my life around. I started in the back of the classroom and over the next year, MFA built up not just my stamina but also my confidence. From there I decided I wanted to be able to give that empowering feeling back to people and I began to pursue my career in fitness starting with freestyle HIIT classes. I now teach yoga based and high impact classes. I hold certifications for Body Flow, Tone and Insanity and I am in progress for my AFAA general group fitness certification. My passion will always be weight lifting!